Out From Las Vegas

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From the book Out From Las Vegas by Florine Lawlor

Out From Las Vegas: Adventures A Day Away
By Florine Lawlor

“It’s hot! Take a look at this gem of a book and begin planning at least a year’s worth of day or weekend trips in and around Nevada. I can guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised!”
Nancy Gott, freelance writer/adjunct professor, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

. . . Lawlor put her lifelong love of the desert to work…to give Nevadans a greater appreciation of the beauty and history that exists here.
Las Vegas Review Herald

Out From Las Vegas: Adventures A Day Away is our favorite guide to the great getaways and scenic trips just a day or less away from downtown Las Vegas. Author Florine Lawlor, a third generation Nevadan, was born to write about the Silver State. Daughter of a gold miner who once worked at the now abandoned ghost town of Delamar, Florine’s grandfather was a pioneer Nevada railroad man. Geologist Andy Zdon, author of Desert Summits: A Climbing Guide to California and Southern Nevada and the American Institute of Professional Geologists handbook, Geology of the Las Vegas Region joined Florine on the update of this new edition.

Listen to the wind in the spires of Cathedral Gorge or is that the voice of Mrs.Godbe’s ghost riding over the hill from Bullionville? Look for lost diamonds in the McCulloughs or follow the old dirt road to Alamo. Are there really unidentified flying objects in the skies above the remote Extra Terrestrial Highway or are those just members of the Groom Lake Flying Club? Pack the car, a cooler and a copy of Out From Las Vegas and be prepared for an adventure for the entire family.
Out From Las Vegas
Out From Las Vegas
288 pages, 6″ x 9″

ISBN 1-893343-07-3