The Secret Sierra

What is it like to live in a place of bare rock, vertical walls, and windswept ledges, where snow covers the ground for much of the year and temperature changes of thirty degrees or more is the daily norm? The Alpine Sierra Nevada, the rugged mountain world above treeline, presents this challenge to all living things venturing into its extreme environment.

Author David Gilligan describes the Alpine Sierra Nevada with a naturalist’s passion for both personal observation and science. From deep inside an ice-encrusted crevasse on the Lyell Glacier to the airy heights of Mt. Ritter, The Secret Sierra: The Alpine World Above The Trees is a book dedicated to exploring the high and hidden world of the Sierra Nevada’s alpine zone.
The Secret Sierra by David Gilligan ©2012 Spotted Dog Press
The Secret Sierra:
The Alpine World Above the Trees
David Gilligan
288 pages, 5.5″x 8.5″
ISBN 1-893343-01-4