Route Updates

Check this section for updates to hiking routes, roads, etc.
Before embarking on any trip to remote areas, if possible, contact the managing land agency prior to the trip as both driving and hiking routes do change.

The following route updates are for the book, Desert Summits:

Page 179-183 | Manly Peak & Needle Peak
Updated approach and route (4/1/2012):
The driving route from Panamint Valley on the west side of the Panamint Mountains via Goler Wash is impassable to stock 4×4 vehicles, about 2.5 miles west of Wingate Road due to washout. Please use the other described route from Death Valley, east to west on Warm Springs Road. We scouted the road and have attached a photograph of the washout. The road has degraded considerably on the western approach to Mengel Pass.

Goler Wash ©2012 Wynne Benti

Goler Wash, April 2012

These changes are the result of road closures within the Death Valley National Park’s wilderness areas.
Page 191 | Winters Peak
Updated approach and route (11/20/2009):
Approach: From the Furnace Creek Inn, drive two miles east on Highway 190 to the Echo Canyon dirt road on the left. Follow the Echo Canyon Road east (four-wheel drive) as it passes the Eye of the Needle (a natural arch) at 4.8 miles, and then enters an open valley in another half mile. At 7.2 miles from Highway 190, park at the road closure sign (the wilderness boundary). Stay left and follow the road close to the saddle east of the peak.
Route: Hike to the saddle east of Winters Peaks. From the saddle, head west to Point 4,260 feet, then west and southwest following the ridge to the summit. Anticipate nine miles round-trip with 2,000 feet of elevation gain.

Page 199 | Epaulet Peak
Updated approach and route (11/20/2009):
Approach: From the junction of Highways 127 and 178 north of Shoshone, drive 5.7 miles west on Highway 178 to the dirt Greenwater Valley Road. Follow the Greenwater Valley Road north 6.3 miles and park. Look for a faint, closed road on the west side of the road. Start walking on this now closed old mining road two miles to a fork (3,400ft.)
Route: The peak is an easy slope to the southwest. If starting from the point two miles west of the Greenwater Valley Road, anticipate eleven miles round-trip with 1,850 feet of elevation gain.

Page 201 | Ibex Peak
Updated approach and route (11/20/2009):
Approach: From Salsberry Pass on Highway 178, drive 1.3 miles west to a dirt track on the south side of the road that roughly parallels the highway. Follow this track 0.4 miles to a dirt road heading south toward the peak. Turn south, and follow the dirt road 0.7 miles to a fork. Park here at the wilderness boundary where the old mining road is closed.
Route: Start walking following the closed road 1.8 miles to a saddle at about 3,940 feet. From the saddle, follow the ridge east then south to the summit. Anticipate five and a half miles round-trip with 1,000 feet of elevation gain. If hiking in from the junction of the road paralleling the highway with the road to the peak, anticipate seven miles round-trip with 3,000 feet of elevation gain. –WB